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CKR Institure is one of the pioneer Indian Portals on Education. We provide Education, Scholarship, a Discussion Forum to post your educational and career queries, and a number of Model Examinations to help you to face major entrance tests. is specialised in getting you timely educational news, direct from the colleges and universities and our model examinations are one of the most sophisticated test systems available in India with over 50,000 questions on various topics.


High tuition rates and a lack of customization in traditional education are driving many students to seek alternatives to obtaining a college education from traditional colleges and universities. In this article I will share Learning that offer students inspiring educational alternatives.


Every individual wants to receive the best of education to achieve his or her dreams. However, the more the institution is good, the higher the fees they charge. Students usually leave their education incomplete and do blue collar jobs to meet their basic ends. Moreover, these students collect money to complete their masters later in career. Apart from those who can afford expensive higher education, some handful of students gets scholarships.


It's a myth to say that online education will go in vain, as the job market is more based on our skills, rather than our degrees. What you know matters more than from where you have learnt. Nowadays, agencies hire students on the basis of their knowledge and ability to solve problems, keeping aside their grades or degrees.


If you are anything like me, you have discovered that the higher the level of traditional education you reach the more you are forced to specialize. And by the time people start doing research they have dedicated all their learning to a tiny niche.


For most of us, this is not useful. We need to (and let’s face it, want to) collect knowledge from a broad spectrum of subjects. Educational variety helps us make interesting connections and learn more deeply. Everlearning lets you add more and more value to your life both personally and professional in terms of career options.

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Our mission in every part of this vast continent is the same; it is to spread the light of education to every nook and corner, to dispel the darkness of ignorance and superstition from human heart. Our problems in this benighted land where 70% people are still illiterate are also the same and we must unite across the restrictive state frontiers in our fight for better education to the teeming millions of our countrymen and for better working conditions for millions of teacher and other educational workers in the country

Education has not been brought closer to life. It is still being pursued in an ivory tower atmosphere and while it imparts some dead bits of knowledge and leads to cramming. It does not prepare the educands for the struggle of life and for accelerating the progress and prosperity of the country. The iron curtains round the educational institutions should immediately be broken and they should be made centers of the community activities and the education of the country should be brought in close and constant touch with the struggles of the people in the society, in the fields and the factories

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